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All Pando “drop restrictions” have very good stats and 4 slots. Due to the latest market flood of these, They are really very cheap and a very good worth when compared with the Significantly costlier legend weapons at comparable degrees.

Grind dungeons. Usual mob are generally much too spare to actually AOE a lot of mob at once without having a lot of jogging. Dungeon mob have better drops, a lot more knowledge and are often close adequate together to allow a continuing grind and best lvling.

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Legend: Drops from the manager on the best volume of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This boss is required for the extent 43 epic quest, so farming him is against the rules of Shaiya and will bring about a ban.

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Def – Together with the inception of Ep four, it grew to become plausible to also insert defence into your Create too. For those who have fulfilled the minimum amount conditions for the above mentioned 3 stats (and preferably surpassed all of them), then you can contemplate including in defence likewise. The benefits for further resilience are evident – I won’t go into them right here

If you'd like to AoE proficiently, you might want to have possibly a 2H or even a spear. Duals and 1H weapons simply just do not get ample assaults to AoE properly.

I've shown the types of weapon readily available (which include any data pertinant to the weapon), accompanied by an index of the ideal weapon to employ (in my view) for every region/zone/level.

The more details you've with a monster (even Individuals you haven confronted yet) the less complicated They're to defeat and the more XP you can get! Also, in case you get together with somebody, you can equally share Xp and loot no matter where you two are.

Be aware: There exists occassionally armour and that is slotted but doesn’t adhere to the prefixes over. This armour is Typically accessible for all modes, regardless of whether it's more slots than would Typically be authorized.

Note2: Considering that this guide was originally created, . These can be obtained to weapons and armour and vary widely from armour to armour. You may randomly re-roll the orange stats on your own armour (to acquire far more preferable kinds) working with an AP item.

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